"Million times better then using a VPN, your proxy works fantastic"

- Matt Downs, New York

"Thanks for helping me get set-up, BBC on my PC, great stuff"

- Pete Rossheim, Tokyo

"Works like a treat thanks! It's just like the telly back home"

- William Lanxon, Thailand

"Your quick help when I changed PC is appreciated, UK proxy all ok now"

- Jeff Wilson, Madrid

How does it work?

Set-up a proxy in your web browser or your computer or mobile device. Your internet surfing is then connected via our super fast server in the UK. You can then use BBC iPlayer, ITV etc from outside the UK.

That's it!

What channels?

Any TV station that is available on the internet such as BBC iPlayer, ITV player etc.

What does it cost?

US$10 a month.

The free trial is no risk. Sign up and and give it a try.